Manual programmable radiator

IQ Line Touch combines unique design and advanced technology in a robust steel electric radiator with excellent thermal properties. Thanks to its smart regulation with manual programmable heating mode, and reliable and economic operation, it is ideal for the electric heating of apartments, houses, holiday homes, small hotels, and offices.


MAN mode

After setting of the desired temperature using the = + (plus) and – (minus) buttons, the radiator will heat the room as required.

AUTO mode

It is not economically viable to heat all rooms, including those not regularly occupied, to a comfortable temperature. The weekly program allows for the setting of temperatures according to day and time of day, and  definition of temperature drops. Optimised setting of the weekly program can save up to 35 % on energy costs.

HOME mode

For holidays that require heating outside of the settings of the weekly program, it is possible to use the weekend program. By simply activating the preset program, rooms will be heated to a comfortable temperature during the day and the heating return to saving mode during the night.



Selected features and characteristics

Power Board and specifications





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