Wireless centrally controlled radiator

IQ Line Bee combines unique design and advanced technology in a robust steel electric radiator. It has excellent storage capabilities and features reliable and economic operation. Thanks to wireless central control via remote management over the internet, it is ideal for the electric heating of larger houses and holiday homes, hotels, schools, offices, and more.


Wireless central control of 600 radiators

It is possible to control more than 600 IQ Line Bee radiators from a single central control unit. Thanks to two-way wireless communication, system administrators can not only adjust heating settings, but also obtain information about individual room temperatures or other important heating parameters.

Energy saving = zoned regulation

The heating mode of each room can be set individually. This allows for adjustment of heating schedules to the current use and occupancy of each room, and so can considerably reduce energy consumption and heating costs.


IQRC software

Adjustment of heating modes for individual rooms and other heating parameters can be implemented through the IQRC software application. For hotels, there is the additional advantage that the heating of each room can be linked to the hotel’s booking system.


Selected features and characteristics

Power Board and specifications






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